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Augusto was born in Milan in 1940 and has been painting since childhood, mastering the various drawing and painting techniques (pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, oils, watercolours, pastels, etc.) with the passion and dedication of painters of times gone by, always placing importance on drawing from nature in a strictly representational fashion.
 He is a teacher of fine arts and strongly supports a return to the heights of classical realism and the beauty of nature, that he portrays with a rigorous draftmanship inspired by a dreamer's soul. He has written on this in various essays and has expounded his arguments in TV discussions as well.
His paintings, whether landscapes, still lifes or portraits, are shaped by light, which enhances the potentialities of the various techniques, such as the depth of colours in oils, the shimmering tones of pastels and the transparent washes of watercolours, that are painted by him in the English tradition.
He is a member of the Portrait Society of America and a Fellow of the Accademia Tiberina.
His paintings are appreciated by collectors worldwide and he is quoted in various Artists Yearbooks 
He has taken part in many individual and Group exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.