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Individual or small-group tuition focuses on learning to draw from life (in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink) and applying time-honoured principles of painting in various techniques (oils, watercolours, pastels).The tuition is highly personalized, to suit the student’s level of experience.

  • Nude sessions with model

    Weekly nude sessions with a model last two hours and focus on the accurate yield of proportions and similarity.

  • Seminars en plein air in Rome and in the countryside

    The natural extension of the drawing from the real is to go out in the open and draw and paint en plein air. The Seminar “Drawing and Painting in Rome in the footsteps of the Grand Tour” aims to portray famous and even lesser known points of Rome, as they did in the past centuries the travellers of the Grand Tour. (the course is in English; see details in “Drawing and Painting Courses”). Seminars en plein air are also organized in the countryside on a residential basis, leaning on a farm. The seminars last from three to seven days.